Intro to International Film, Spring 2001

Introduction to International Film will give you a taste of the best filmmaking going on outside the United States; in eight class meetings, the course will also introduce you to some of the basic language of film criticism; prepare to be scandalized, distressed, amused, aroused, moved, and engaged…

The course is designed to be a very basic introduction to the process of writing about films. As a result, some of the material we cover will be familiar to those of you minoring in film studies, for which my apologies. Our textbook, Timothy Corrigan’s Short Guide to Writing About Film, is designed to give us a shared vocabulary with which to discuss the films we see, and also serve as a guide as you complete your assignments for the class.

To complete the course, you must write two 2-3 page papers. The papers need to written in one of the six styles Corrigan identifies in his guide (or, alternatively, in a combination of those styles) and are due March 7 and April 4. You may write about any of the films we see in class.

Download the Course Syllabus

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