• Elements interview, with Carla Nappi

    The fabulous-in-every-way Carla Nappi has interviewed me for the New Books Network. You can listen to the whole thing here.

  • Center for Humanities and Information!!

    I’m super excited to be the first director of the new Penn State Center for Humanities and Information. There are visiting fellowships, graduate student fellowships, and faculty fellowships, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff. And a new website!

  • MLA: What is Data in Literary Studies?

    Remarks I read (much too quickly) at the MLA roundtable organized by Jim English. Feed of Twitter response to the panel here. Some of this drawn from the scale piece, some from remarks on close reading in On Literary Worlds, and some from thoughts leading into the new book, now tentatively titled What Kind of Information is   …Continue Reading

  • ELLAK talk, Nov 8

    I’m in Seoul for the annual conference of the English Language and Literature Association of Korea, for which I’m one of many interesting keynote speakers (including Ira Nadel, who I started reading in graduate school but had never met, so that’s kind of a thrill). Talk is on “Scale, Data, and the Problem of World   …Continue Reading

  • Jacobs University, Oct 23 2013

    Talk coming up to students at Jacobs University, Bremen, “Modernity and the Ends of Europe.” Designed more or less to convince a group of smart undergraduates, many thinking of majoring in a program called “global humanities,” to get excited about the big ideas governing concepts like the humanities and the global. Draft version of slides here;   …Continue Reading

  • Chinese discussion of Hypothetical Mandarin

    A discussion group at Douban is talking about the Chinese version of The Hypothetical Mandarin, and sent along a few questions for me to answer. Responses here. Review/discussion of the book here.

  • Upcoming talks, 2013-14

    Just a quick rundown of the various trips and visits: Bremen (Jacobs University), 23-24 October 2013 Seoul (EALLK Keynote), 5-10 November 2013 Mainz, 17 December 2013 MLA (Chicago), 9-12 January 2014 Hamburg, 15-16 January 2014 Göttingen, 17-20 February 2014 ACLA (New York), 20-23 March 2014 Emory, 24-26 March 2014 Columbia, 29 March 2014 Gothenburg, Sweden,   …Continue Reading

  • Interview with Carla Nappi re On Literary Worlds

    Carla Nappi interviewed me a couple weeks ago about On Literary Worlds for New Books in Literary Studies. We actually did the interview twice; the first time, in March, sound problems made the audio unlistenable. Second time turned out better, Carla and I agreed.

  • Through the Mirror

    For the LA Review of Books, a review of two recent collections of Claude Levi-Strauss’s thoughts on Japan: TIME MAKES US ALL ANACHRONISMS to ourselves. As we get older, we are all left behind by a history we had once been sure we were making. We struggle, in our aging bodies, to recall the embodied   …Continue Reading

  • Penn / Feb 21 and 22

    Two talks coming up at Penn: one, a second try at “Academic Writing, I Love You. Really, I Do,” this time with, lesson learned, purely extemporized (from notes) entractes (on Thursday Feb 21), and, on Friday, a roundtable and talk for the Penn Humanities Forum, whose graduate student organizers have honored me with their invitation.   …Continue Reading

  • China, Middlebrow to Highbrow

    My first foray into tweener literary criticism has just been published by Public Books. I’ve also just accepted a request to write about Levi-Strauss for the LA Review of Books, due in early March. So the world has that to look forward to.

  • U of Chicago / Feb 7, 2013

    I’ll be giving a new talk, using some material from Becoming a Writer, at the University of Chicago in early February. Title: “Academic Writing, I Love You. Really, I Do.” Event organized by the devastating Lauren Berlant. This will be my first attempt at a new format: a series of episodes, quotations, aphorisms, or short commentaries, all   …Continue Reading

  • Yale / Jan 31-Feb 1, 2013

    I’ll be giving two seminars at Yale later this month. The first, for the Theory & Media colloquium, is on On Literary Worlds (Thursday Jan 31, 4pm); the second, Friday at noon, is a discussion of scholarly writing. Students will be reading excerpts from OLW and from the newest project, Becoming a Writer, whose manuscript I’ve just completed.   …Continue Reading

  • Interview: On Literary Worlds with Andrés Lomeña Cantos

    Andrés Lomeña Cantos interviewed me (by email) about On Literary Worlds and the current state of comparative literature for Teknocultura. He’s also posted the interview on his blog, heterocosmicas. (In Spanish; he translated, though it’s fun to realize I can read most of it.)

  • MLA 2013: two panels on periodization

    I’ll be speaking on Friday at 10:15 as part of a panel called “What Does Comparative Literature Do for, against, after Periodization?”; and then participating in a roundtable, “Parsing World Literature in the Twenty-First Century: Alternatives to Period, Region, and Genre,” on Saturday at 8:30. Following that I’ll be at the panel on “Teaching Arabic   …Continue Reading